“I’m sorry I gave you everything I had without making sure you wanted it.”
— Heavy (#418: April 21, 2014)

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1. You told me you were in love with me and you wanted to spend forever with me but you would have thrown that all away for 8 seconds of his voice and a kiss from him.

2. “I can wait a long time to be with you, you’re worth it.” Shit you waited what? a couple months? You could have at least given me enough time to learn what my skin feels like against yours.

3. When you told me everything would be okay because you loved me, did you mean it would be okay for you or me? I don’t really feel okay anymore. I don’t feel safe here anymore. I know you don’t want me and I want to tell you that its okay, but its not. I still love you.

4. Remember when you told me I wouldn’t have to watch you be with someone else? That us not being together would only be temporary. Love, this stopped being temporary as soon as you told me you had feelings for him because these scars are so permanent.

5. “I’m sorry for everything.” Oh man, this was my favorite. You’re sorry for stomping on my heart and leaving me, even though though you promised you wouldn’t. I’m sorry that you couldn’t let go of him long enough to see that this was real.

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The message in the song (Shake It Off) is a problem I think we all deal with and an issue that we deal with on a daily basis. That we don’t live just in a celebrity take down culture, WE live in a take down culture. People will find anything about you and twist it to where it’s weird or wrong or annoying or strange or bad. You have to not only live your life in spite of people who don’t understand you, you have to have more fun than they do.

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10:25 // nothing else

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*-* Imagine all of the cozy cuddles, reading, laughing, tea-drinking and lovings that can happen there, SO COZY

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Lo mejor es lo que queda por venir.

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Middle Temple Lane in Temple, City of London.

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why is it that we’re always told not to get tattoos at a young age because we “will regret it later on” when we are basically told to choose a career path by age 18? i’d rather be 40 years old with a tattoo that meant something to me when i was young than be 40 years old not wanting to get out of bed to go to a job that i hate because i was forced to decide on a career in my teens

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“When you love someone, you say their name different. Like it’s safe inside your mouth.”
Jodi PicoultHandle with Care (via feellng)

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